Zero Regrets

by Savilla

April 5, 2023

When you tell a person who has had an abortion that they should have abstained, I want you to think about how men feel about being told “no.” I said no. I was a teen. My boyfriend told me to trust him. But that trust was broken and I found myself pregnant. Not all women are meant to be mothers, and I knew since childhood I never wanted to be one. The human race is not in any danger of becoming extinct. I did take birth control pills, and the side effects permanently damaged my hormones. Then I tried the birth control shot, and the side effect of severe depression made me contemplate suicide. I wanted to have my tubes tied, but no doctor would perform the procedure until I was thirty and had my husband’s consent. Even then, I was required to have counseling in a room surrounded by pictures of women holding babies.

I am a childless 56 year old woman and I have zero regrets about my abortion. After my experience, I volunteered for the Pro-choice net work. I escorted women into the clinic in Buffalo, NY where Dr. Barnett Slepian was the gynecologist. I implore you to google him. While I was helping the women safely enter the clinic, I noticed something interesting… the pro-lifers would try to stop the white women from having abortions with desperate pleas. However when I escorted women of color to the door, the pro-life crowd was silent. If you think the life of a fetus is more important than the life of a full grown human being, please tell us how many unwanted babies you’ve adopted?

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