Mission Statement

Abortion is freedom. Anyone who is forced to procreate or continue an unviable pregnancy has lost their liberty and right to life. Currently, we are not free. Millions of Americans have no access to abortion care, and those who do are subject to compulsory silence and shame.

#ShoutYourAbortion is a decentralized network of individuals talking about abortion on our own terms. #ShoutYourAbortion is committed to changing culture, building community, and setting people on the path of freedom by telling the truth about abortion: Abortion is common, necessary, and supported by the majority of Americans. We must clear the smoke and end the lies–replace disinformation with truth.

Since #ShoutYourAbortion was launched in September 2015, the hashtag has been used over 250,000 times and has empowered countless individuals to discuss their abortion experiences without shame—often for the first time in their lives. But #ShoutYourAbortion is not just a channel for people who have had abortions–we’d like to help everyone get more comfortable discussing abortion. Abortion rights are under attack, and many individuals don’t feel like the issue affects them at all, or feel like it’s too volatile to discuss. Culture must shift to reflect the pro-choice values of the majority, but this cannot happen until we get comfortable saying the word and sharing our stories. By creating a digital space for abortion narratives and facilitating events that encourage authentic dialogue and community, #ShoutYourAbortion is transforming the conversation by placing real experiences and voices at the center.

The anti-choice movement succeeds in denying women their reproductive autonomy by enforcing shame and silence. In a country where one in three women choose abortion, the anti-choice movement can only remain a formidable cultural and legislative force if those who choose abortion remain silent. For far too long, abortion opponents have drowned out the voices, experiences, and opinions of the majority by shouting the loudest and most aggressively. #ShoutYourAbortion matches the volume of the opposition, but we shout about reality, not lies. The pro-choice movement will never get off of the defensive without our voices.




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