Mission Statement

#ShoutYourAbortion is a decentralized network of individuals talking about abortion on our own terms and encouraging others to do the same.

#ShoutYourAbortion empowers people to tell the truth about their lives and begin building communities in which those who choose abortion are not subjected to compulsory silence and shame. Since #ShoutYourAbortion was launched in September 2015, the hashtag has been used over 300,000 times and has inspired countless individuals to discuss their abortion experiences in a multitude of ways.

Although a quarter of American women have abortions and seventy percent of Americans support abortion rights, abortion access has been decimated in recent years. This disconnect between policy and public opinion remains invisible to many, because the anti-choice movement has fostered a culture in which authentic conversations about abortion feel impossible and those who have abortions are shamed into silence.

Many Americans believe that they don’t know anybody who has had an abortion. That’s simply not true. By sharing our stories, we are humanizing the experience of abortion and we are helping to expand collective compassion. Nobody was fighting for marriage equality when everybody was in the closet. We will not secure reproductive justice for all until we become a culture which allows people to discuss their abortions honestly and without shame.

#ShoutYourAbortion is not just a channel for people who have had abortions—we’d like to help everyone get more comfortable discussing abortion. We work to create places in art, media, and real life events for people to share their abortion stories, in order to facilitate authentic dialogue and build community. #ShoutYourAbortion is transforming the conversation by placing real experiences and voices at the center.

#SYA in the Press

#ShoutYourAbortion has been covered by media outlets the world over.