Young and Naive

by Anonymous

July 1, 2019

Content Warning: mental and physical abuse

I was 14 years old when I lost my virginity. I had a group of friends that had already had sex and I felt very much pressured into “getting it over with”. I met a guy through a friend of a friend who was a year older than me. He played high school football and already had a car. I was smitten with the idea. We started dating and almost immediately had sex. We did use a condom the first few times. After that though, condoms were not always used. We were a 14 and 15 year old very immature and naive “couple”.

We were on and off for a year. He got into drugs, cheated on me multiple times during that short time and became very controlling and abusive. At 15 years old I became pregnant by this person. He was so incredibly cruel to me. I had been mentally and physically abused and I still thought I loved him. I was 11 weeks pregnant before my mom figured out something wasn’t right. I never actually came out and told her – I didn’t have an open type of relationship with my mom that I could talk about sex or the repercussions. I took a pregnancy test through Planned Parenthood and it was confirmed positive. There was never a discussion on keeping it. I knew I didn’t want to. I knew I wanted an abortion. His mom tried talking my mom out of it. I’m thankful my mom was supportive and listened to what I wanted. I had the abortion and to this day (I’m 43 yrs old),  have zero regrets. I remember the Dr. telling me that he had a 14 yr old daughter and he would do the same for her if she ever needed it. The staff was all very kind. It was a very positive experience for me.

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