Will love and mourn forever what should’ve been

by Anonymous

November 21, 2022

I had a medical abortion the day before new years eve 2021.

I was in a situationship and 3 days before I found out, he ghosted me. I remember I went to a pharmacy for a job interview and when I passed the feminine care isle, I realized I was late so I decided to buy a pregnancy test. When I got home, I immediately locked myself in the bathroom and the test came out positive so fast that I passed out. I never told the father and I’m glad because I knew he could get really angry and violent. In a span of an hour, I made the decision to go straight to a clinic that is 5 minutes from my house. I went alone and felt alone the whole time since the staff wasn’t very empathetic. After I saw the sonogram and took the first dose, I realized what I was doing. I’ve always wanted kids and I had a feeling my baby was a girl but I did what was best for her. She deserves a stable family and good parents and I couldn’t give her that. I still and will always mourn what could’ve and should’ve been but stand firm in my decision.

To my bebé, mamá te amará siempre.

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