Will I see you in heaven?

by British420

April 13, 2019

I HAD AN ABORTION……. I was 22 yrs old and I had a daughter who was 14 months old. I got pregnant and really couldn’t afford another child. I had never had an abortion at that time. One the day of the abortion I was dropped off at the clinic and sat there for 4hrs BY MYSELF!! 😌and then finally had the procedure. After the procedure I thought my brother was picking me up because he was the one who walked me in and told them to call him when I was ready for pick up. Well I was so drugged up. My bestie picked me up and took me to her house and had a nice blunt ready for me! All I remember on the way home that day was her friend was driving crazy as hell and I can’t wait to hit my blunt! I always wonder if I will meet the ones who didn’t survive in heaven? I guess I will see when my time is up ( but I ain’t ready yet god 😉)


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