Why I chose an abortion

by Anonymous

July 16, 2018

Content Warning: coercion

My body. My choice. Yes I have had an abortion for many reasons. My ex-husband was physically and mentally abusive. My birth control failed. I had one child. No one to turn to. He told me to either do as he told and abort or he would divorce me. Many years later we are now divorced. A person came into my life. I shared this story. He said. He was sorry but he did not believe in abortion. I was horrified.. zero empathy and understanding. I do not regret my choice even though it was as my ex through his demand! I had decided before sharing my pregnancy that I had a choice despite my abusive ex. The thought of a relationship with someone who does not share my views and is judgmental holds no space in my heart. I have walked away and will continue to do so with anyone who is so insensitive. Ps men out there do not judge you do not have a uterus!

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