Whats best for me

by Anonymous

February 26, 2021

back in September i found out i was pregnant. I was scared and i truly didn’t know what to do. so i went to the doctors to get my pregnancy confirmed and it was. she gave me options and referred me to an Ob/gyn. the ob gave me choices as well. she then referred me to a clinic. i went there and it was super hard to do. only being 16 its been the hardest choice i’ve ever made. there are days where i regret it and there are day that i think to myself ill be able to have a kid when i want one and when i’m ready. the outcome probably would have been different if i was in my senior year but i’m only a junior. i had to do whats best for me. i was threatened to get one by the baby daddys ex. she said she would come beat the baby out of me. I was scared i truly was. so thats when i made up my mind to have it done. i felt pressured not gonna lie. but in the end i’m okay and i’m still dealing with the guilt every day. its hard for me to see others pregnant or babys. i give a huge shout out to the ones that dont feel regret bc i wish i didnt feel it. its hard its impacted my whole life. if i could go back and truly have more time i will always wonder what it would have been.

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