What if you regret it?

by Zoe

April 13, 2019

just turned 18.. just got done with ged to get on to college, had sex one night with a long term partner on my birthday … I got my period twice nothing abnormal for awhile till the vomiting, I thought it was my vertigo. took my pills but nothing helped. Confused I started taking pregnancy test.. got a negative, and another negative, and another. Started questioning myself as to why I’m taking so many tests. Woke up one morning in pain confused vomiting again. I bought a test .. I was tired of spending money on decently priced test to get negatives … so I bought a cheap,  practically dollar tree test . I got a positive. With a test in my hand I walked into my moms room an asked her if I’m losing it . If what I was seeing was a positive, she agreed . It was faint but definitely was there . I took the test. Called my partner. And told him he had to drive me to the hospital that I just got a positive. In the hospital they confirmed I did too have a pregnancy.. and I decided I did not want it. Ended up in a planned parenthood. Got treated decent .. but only treated well after they spoke to me. I can imagine many teens mess up an end up in their office… some not understanding what ur aborting is a baby an in fact it is. I agree I took the easy way out, Because I had no other option . No position to have a child . And he already has kids of his own … he wanted me to keep it . But understood my decision not to. I used the abortion pill at 9 weeks  I go in Tuesday to get checked again to make sure the pregnancy is in fact gone .. but I looked up everything I needed to know . And needed more emotional support than what I was being given . I resorted to the internet for it . Bumped into this website and wanted to share something even if I’m not great at this. I want some one to know ur not alone. I had 4 pills on the side of my cheeks while crying questioning myself if this was really the right move.. but honestly .. If everything works out  .. then no I don’t regret it because I want to be a parent but I want to be a parent when I can afford to .

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