What I went through today

by Kay

September 20, 2019

I found out I was pregnant 16 days ago, right when I would have only been about 3 weeks from ovulation ( 5 weeks from last period). I was scared and upset, mostly with how careless I had been. But I have a very supportive partner, who was reassuring and loving about the whole thing. After a day talking, we both decided that it is not the right time or place in our life to have a child, and I wanted to do the medical abortion.

I went in, and had all of the blood work and blood pressure tests done, found out I was only 5 weeks and 6 days along. But, my blood pressure was absolutely way to high for them to feel comfortable having me take the medicine then and there, they ask me to reschedule an appointment and come back. So I scheduled for one in a different city, and it was for the next week, which I was absolutely thankful for. I went in (today, the day I’m writing this) with full intention of still having the medical. But on of the nurses there happened to be at the other clinic I went in, saw me and pulled me aside asking if I wanted the surgical and to get it done with then and there. So, after about five minutes, I agreed that I wanted that option, and went back, took 800 mg of ibuprofen, and an antibiotic in the back clinic. I waited until someone found me ( was hanging out in the recovery room) and was taken back into the actual room where the procedure was going to take place.

I honestly didn’t know what the pain was going to be, or what to expect, but the nurse that was with me was extremely kind and didn’t leave my side. The doctor came in and introduced herself, and what was going to happen. She then opened my lady part up, and then gave me a shot of numbing directly into my cervix ( which is a weird, weird feeling). And then she immediately went into putting the rods in my cervix, which is very uncomfortable, with everyone increasing in pressure and discomfort. She then started the suction, and that is a very intense and deep pressure and unique pain in itself. The actual suction only took about 30-45 seconds, and it was painful. I then had a copper IUD put in, so the rods had been in a little more than 2 minutes. But it was over extremely quick and they really did take care of me. They then put a giant pad on me, and then took me in a wheelchair out to the recovery room, where they gave me a heating pad and something to eat and drink. All in all, it hurts, but it’s so fast and once it was done, I felt … relaxed and relieved. Everything said and done, it took about 2 hours and 15 minutes of me being there. I had it done over 3 hours ago and I’m still cramping and a little tired, but no more than a bad period where I haven’t taken any pain medicine for it.

I just wanted to share my story and hope that it can help anyone else that is thinking about going through this process. Know that it is uncomfortable, but it’s fast. And I personally feel so much better now that I have gone through this. So much love from one random stranger to the next.


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