What A Year

by Anonymous

November 17, 2020

I felt the urge to submit this story because the first place I looked for comfort after finding out about my second pregnancy (this year) was the Shout Your Abortion Instagram page.


I’ve previously submitted a story about my first abortion, it was posted on May 27th. The reason I sought out this page when I found out this time was because I felt so disappointed in myself. I’ve heard many first time abortion but I don’t often hear about the stories of multiple. (With there being a few pages, like this one, being the exception). I was so scared to tell anyone because of my fear of being judged.

When I found out about this second pregnancy I wasn’t as emotional as the first. I knew that the first abortion was the right decision and knew how much better I felt after. This time around there was no hesitation for me. On the day of my abortion something happened that pushed me to tell a few people about it. No one I told was judgmental, their reaction was the exact opposite I was expecting. Although I know that abortion is common, I’ve had two now, I still let that stigma cause me to feel shameful for a small period of time. I am at peace with both of my decisions and I hope if anything this will help someone find theirs.

P.S – I do wish peoples first reaction to abortion would stop being “Ok now you have to get on birth control!” It’s not comforting, it doesn’t the situation better, and we’re not dumb, you never know why someone may not be on birth control.

Remember that our stories are ours to tell. We’d love to hear your story too!