Well, shit.

by Jeanne

October 10, 2022

I didn’t plan on getting pregnant. I was in a relationship that was not healthy by any means. We were in love, but a ideological love – I honestly don’t know if we were ever in actual life. Regardless, we thought that. A day before I left for a long trip, I had a feeling that my body was acting a type of way. That type of way was… me being pregnant. I decided not to tell my partner until i came home, which added two weeks on to the however many weeks I was pregnant. When I got home, I told my partner. He instantly told me to get an abortion. I mildly thought that maybe I wanted it, but knew I couldn’t handle it by myself. Yet he would lay on my stomach, talking about how cute the baby would be while telling me we couldn’t keep it. Yes, he is a douche bag. By the time I made my appointment, it was tough. My partner wasn’t there, I had to call a friend to let me out (I went under). It was a lot. I won’t lie. But it was the best decision I’ve ever made. I had an abortion at 9 weeks. I felt sad, and I felt sad for awhile, but I knew that it was the best decision for me.

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