We All Should Be Concerned

by Me

February 26, 2019

Content Warning: abuse

I joined the military after after graduating high school in 1973.  New career fields had opened up for women.  I chose to marry in 75 but what I didn’t know was at that time, he got to make reproductive decisions for me.  I got pregnant.  He refused to let me see doctors, tried several times to end the pregnancy by throwing me down stairs.  He almost prevented me from going to the hospital for the birth of our child.  Let me tell you, having a baby in a military hospital at that time was one of the worst experiences I ever had. Left alone for hours.  I had to scream to get someone to attend to me as I was giving birth.  Fifty weeks later, I ran for my and my child’s life after he beat the shit out of me while holding his child for the last time. I never wanted children as I do not come from a supportive family.  He never paid a penny of support.  I put myself through college and eventually the same for the child I had.  I wanted my tubes tied at the time I gave birth but was told that I would want more children and of course, he would not sign the paperwork to have the procedure done even if the rules allowed for it.  I had to wait until I was in my 30’s to get the procedure done.  I grew up extremely poor in a single parent home with a mentally ill mother.


I met a man who I’ve been with for 30+ years but found myself pregnant again a couple of years after we met (fucking worthless doctor)  I chose to terminate the pregnancy as I was just beginning to make enough money to support the child I never had a say in creating.  I didn’t want the responsibility or cost of raising another child.  We are still together and after 27 years or so, I don’t regret my decision. He was and still is by my side. We are now married 8 years.  I’m grateful for that and the fact that I happened to watch the Daily Show and saw the interview for the book.  I immediately bought it and spent an evening reading it cover-to-cover.  Now, after checking out this wonderful website, I decided to tell a short version of my story.


I am deeply concerned about what is likely to happen within the next couple of years to Roe vs Wade.  But my concern is not just the right of choice, it is about who can make that decision for you.  I’ve read a number of books about the history of abortion in this country and I would hate to see our society return to those days.  I think the possibility is very real. So be vigilant you lovely ladies.  I’m so glad I got to read your stories.  Ya all done me well.  Thank you.

Remember that our stories are ours to tell. We’d love to hear your story too!