I was only 18! Hi, Im from Chicago, Illinois. I found out i was pregnant at 4-5 weeks. I had just turned 18 and was pregnant on my birthday and didn’t know 🥲 i started to feel so weird so i told my boyfriend and he bought me a test i took it and it was positive i KNEW IMMEDIATELY i wanted a abortion!! I couldn’t sleep fr i had missed my period also i was on the birth control pill but i stopped taking it and just a week after BOOM i got pregnant. I started to throw up every chance i got, was constipated, anything i use to love i couldn’t eat no more, throwing up every meal, every smell was disgusting i could smell 10 miles away, this made me go into a deep depression i was crying everyday and i was just so sad, i also couldn’t work at work how i wanted i was leaving early everyday and i couldn’t stomach anything everything was a complete disaster i lost 20 lbs💔 I never told my parents because i knew it would disappoint them 100% although i’m bestfriends with both of my parents i couldn’t do it because i have so much going for myself right now and i cant mess it up.

My boyfriend was 100% supportive with what i wanted to do i then made a appointment with PP and got a abortion at 9 weeks i had to wait til the next appointment i was available for. I had the the surgical in-clinic abortion and for someone who doesn’t like pain at all and who was overthinking everything and stressing myself out every second and every hour this was the most calmest procedure ever!!!! i didnt feel anything i had the sedation medicine, my boyfriend was in the room with me the entire time supporting i was so scared but it was also very QUICK no more then 5 minutes. Always remember your body your choice! If you feel your not ready then don’t overthink it do what you have to do. I wish everyone nothing but the best but if i have to do it again i definitely would. Not an ounce of shame in my game. Also this is my first pregnancy (not good at telling stories sorry).