by Chloe

August 2, 2021

I could barely eat while on the first holiday my boyfriend and I ever took. It was a bad case of morning sickness that seemed to last the whole day, every day of that trip. That’s when I decided to take a test and found out I was pregnant. Keeping it was out of the question. We were two college students with barely any of money and a whole lifetime ahead of us.

I never spoke about it to anyone other than my boyfriend, who was there every step of the way. The day I finally decided to tell a close friend, he used my abortion against me and made it sound as if it was my fault for getting pregnant in the first place. We’re no longer friends with him and the only regret I have now is not speaking to the people that I knew cared about me most. My mum, my younger sister, and my high school friends were all really supportive. Don’t be afraid to talk to those closest to you. Anyone that says anything negative isn’t worth your time. I shouldn’t have felt the need to hide it and I wish I had realised that bottling up my emotions would eventually catch up with me.

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