by Anonymous

February 3, 2020

Content Warning: emotional abuse

I met what I thought was a nice guy one night out with my friend and we hooked up. After that night I wasn’t interested to meet up again although he was really keen.

Five weeks later I couldn’t stand to be around certain smells/ foods and my period was late. I never suspected I was pregnant as I was on the pill and took the morning after pill following our encounter. I took a pregnant test, which was Positive, booked a doctors appointment and sure enough I was pregnant!!!.

I was in such shock so I rang my friend crying, confused and scared of what to do. I also messaged the guy to let him know. Unfortunately he was not supportive at all and told me he wasn’t ready to be a father and encouraged me to get an abortion. I was then told if I didn’t get one he would commit suicide and that he has tried before. I felt basically blackmailed and bullied into a decision. He continued to go on about how he could no longer work due to his mental health, that he would not be in the child’s life and I would be selfish if I bought the child into the world without a father figure. All this emotional abuse went on for days on end and he also accused me of scamming him with a fake pregnancy to get money.

On the day of my medical abortion he blocked my number and told me if I contacted him he would call the police because he wasn’t in the picture I wanted to take time to process the news and weigh up my options.

I came to the conclusion that although I was on the fence with going though with the pregnancy, that the side I had seen from the father was what a look into the future was. It was not a healthy and safe environment to bring a child in. I would be a single mother and the mental abuse I had encountered in the few short days was crippling.

I went ahead with the medical abortion and I know I did the best thing for me and my safety. I have my moments when i get overwhelmed with emotions and guilt, but I hope some day soon that I will be better and stronger for it.


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