Unexpected Pregnancy

by BHC

November 9, 2020

I’m 20 years old , i actually didn’t have no types of symptoms of being pregnant, my mom seen that i was gaining weight but my bf and i thought it was just because we were always eating out.

Took a pregnancy test, (my mom made me) it came out positive. I was scared and started crying and immediately said I wasn’t ready and said I wanted an abortion.

My mom got with my boyfriend’s parents at that time and said she was against abortions and if I ever had one she would disown me. When my boyfriend at the time parents were 100% supportive on what we did.

So we went to planned parenthood found out how far along I was (about to hit the 2 month mark). My procedure was a 2 day thing. 1st day they put laminaria in my cervix to open up and started cramping up and nurse said I could possibly give birth that night thank god i didn’t.

Next day came it was 7am i was so nervous, doctors were so sweet. Got my Iv in Waited about an hour then it was my turn for the procedure. as soon as they put the sedation i went into a deep sleep , woke up and they were finished.

After the procedure, rested in the recovery room for about 45 minutes. I felt all the weight that was on my shoulders off and i was so relieved everything happened & it was the best decision my bf and i made.

Now i am on the nexplanon birth control.

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