Unbiased support services are needed

by Ginaeve

April 30, 2017

I’d just been diagnosed with Depression, was struggling just to care for myself. I was 27, an independent tertiary educated professional, employed full-time, making my way in the world. I’d been bouncing around for about a decade searching for a GP who could help me with my ongoing sadness. Then I fell pregnant. It coincided with finally finding a sensible GP who referred me to a psychologist to get help, and the family planning centre for an abortion. A huge relief. I was able to recover and move on with my life. I called a national helpline, before I went through with the abortion and was shocked to hear the service provider tell me that it’d be ok, my family would help me raise the child etc. All without knowing anything about my situation or family. A more vulnerable person would be guilted into following this apparently impartial advice with likely detrimental outcomes on their own life. Those helplines need to be shut down.

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