Two abortions, two experiences.

by Elle

May 18, 2021

I had my first abortion in my 20’s. I struggled with my choice at that time because I wanted a second child, I was in a loving and healthy relationship with the father and it felt right. But I’d just returned to college and my partner was on his way to law school. I knew another child would change everything and make our lives so different from the path we were on. I made the choice so we all could have a future.

The procedure was painless. I went under general anesthesia for the whole thing. I had minimal bleeding and pain following. However, they gave me birth control pills that were not suited for me and they caused extreme depression. It took me months to come to terms with what I did because of this. But, with time, I was okay. I don’t regret it.

My second was when I was in my mid-30’s. I was with a new partner for only a few weeks. I believe I got pregnant our first time together. No one told me that Topamax can make birth control pills ineffective. Anyway, I was going through a bad divorce, trying to support my son on my own, and dating this new guy. There was NO WAY I was going to have this baby. There was absolutely no wavering. I made the appointment and went in asap. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the abortion pill so I had to have the procedure done. I didn’t have a ride so I had to be awake. They wouldn’t give me pain meds either. It hurt a lot. Very intense pain during. But it was over quickly and the cramps weren’t too bad after. I suffered a little depression afterwards but nothing like the first one.

Everyone should have access to abortion. My life would be so much worse if I had had to birth both children. My son would not have lived the life he lived. The partners involved would not have the lives they have now.

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