Two abortions and a planned pregnancy

by Anonymous

November 13, 2020

I spent the vast majority of my life dead set on never having kids. I conceived accidentally at 24, immediately made my appointment, never told the father (a fairly casual boyfriend). My mother brought me. She also had an abortion back in the mid 80s, and we aren’t a religious family, it was never a taboo subject in our household. My experience at the clinic was absolutely wonderful, all the staff were friendly and supportive and in tune with the needs of each patient (some were scared or crying, others smiling and peaceful). Excellent experience and aftercare, although it did hurt like hell. Conceived again about two years later, this time with an incredibly abusive partner. I got out of that situation and terminated the pregnancy, same clinic as the first time, same great experience, but this time I was a little annoyed with myself. I met my current partner, an old friend I’d lost touch with, a few years later. Immediately and unexpectedly we both decided we very much wanted to have a family together (neither of us had ever previously wanted children). We conceived after a few months of trying, my pregnancy was amazingly easy and uneventful, and our daughter is happy and healthy and the absolute coolest person I’ve ever met. I’m so happy to have her, but even with such an easy pregnancy, I HATED the feeling of being pregnant. It disturbed me rather deeply at times, in ways I can’t quite explain. No part of me wants to be pregnant again, and no part of me regrets terminating my other pregnancies.

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