Trying to have a child

by Andrea

May 31, 2022

I was 40 years old and my husband and I were trying to have a child. We were using fertility treatment in our efforts. Following our first attempt, I received a call that I was pregnant and I should come in for an ultrasound. It was during that appointment that we learned we would be having twins. We were both thrilled and terribly anxious at the thought of diving into the deep end of parenting, but we were in.

The very next day, we received the dreaded call that the fetus was not viable. We had two options: carry to term or abort. In our minds, we had no choice. If we waited, we would lose another year in our efforts, and my clock was ticking. I had a d&c and the following month we tried again.

Two more tries and I was pregnant with who would come to be the greatest joy I have ever known! Without having the right to choose, we might never have met our now-12-year-old daughter.

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