Trust your instincts.

by Anonymous

January 17, 2023

I had two babies. 4 and 1 year husband was working and traveling a lot. We were still in love but something about him and his work put a strain on our relationship. Was he straying? I still don’t know.  I was nursing and did not have my period back yet. Then one day I felt like I was pregnant.  I very much wanted more kids. He really did not as we had our boy and a girl.

We went to the doctor and had an abortion.  I felt it was the only way to save our marriage. 27 years later I still think about it and have an empty place in my heart. But more than that I know I made the right decision. He continued to travel for work and work hard, I continued to work and raise our kids. And we just celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary and are very much a partnership.  I think having the third child would have thrown a wrench into all that and we would not have made it through that storm. Sometimes you have to sacrifice to come out ahead.

Trust your instincts. Sometimes that is all we have.

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