This is my story

by Anonymous

July 6, 2021

About a month ago I did my abortion. During the time that I was pregnant and was deciding what I would do, I didn’t feel well.

I think the hardest part for me was my thoughts on how others would think. There was no one around me that I knew was against it and I only told the ones that I knew I could trust. But still I knew that somewhere out there, there is people who will think I did a horrible thing. Fortunately, I knew that what I decide will be the right decision for me and I should not worry about what other people might think about it. This is my choice and why I do it is no one else’s business.

I felt a bit lonely and felt the shame in society to even talk about the subject. I saw pictures of babies and people who were pregnant and immediately I thought “this is what you’re supposed to do, everyone else is keeping their baby”. I believe that I wouldn’t have felt and thought so if abortion was seen as something normal by everyone.

I celebrated my abortion. Me and my boyfriend drank a glass of champagne. I celebrated my freedom, I celebrated my life and that I made my own decision. Now I feel like myself again and am much happier.

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