This is my story, outlook on abortion

by Leah

April 8, 2019

Content Warning: rape

I’ve actually had 3 abortions and I’m only 27 yrs old. I had my first one done when i was 15 due to being raped. After I had my first abortion I was okay and I dealt with it the best way a teenager could. My 2nd pregnancy happened when I was 26yrs and the guy I was dating at the time we both just felt like we wasn’t stable enough in our life to raise a child so I had an abortion. And once again I get pregnant 9 months after having my 2nd abortion. And due to going through a lot in my life I decided to have another one done because of the things I’m dealing with in my life and not ready to bring a child into this world right yet. But I’ve also decided to get on birth control and stay on it to try and help prevent another pregnancy that I don’t want, I believe the entire process of what us woman go through with having an abortion is we make this decision because we feel it’s the best one for us due to problems or unplanned pregnancy that we didn’t want.


And why should we carry a child 9 months and then go through childbirth and then hand our child over for adoption for us to worry about their well being everyday and everything else us woman think of to do that? That’s why we chose abortion right since we didn’t want to go through adoption process, the procedure is quick and the recovery is just like having a really bad period. And some don’t have even experience pain or bleeding afterwards as well. But I do believe it takes a toll on our mind mentally because we will always remember having an abortion and what us female had to go through, because it’s a very hard decision to make to abort your child, trust me I know. I’ve been there 3xs an even though I chose to do an abortion doesn’t mean I don’t still think of my babies, and think what would life be like if I had kept the child.


Nobody understands the pressures us woman face on a daily basis and we still get looked down because we chose to have an abortion and made a right decision for ourself and our lives. We are all different and nobody knows what you’re going through and why you chose this decision so women don’t think you’re alone and feel guilty for making a decision for yourself. People can talk and say whatever all day long, but till it happens to them and they are in that place and have to make a very hard decision then let them continue to say and think whatever.


I don’t regret none of my abortion because I’m 27 yrs old an nobody knows my story and what I go through on a daily basis, I choose not to bring a child into this world that I’m not able to care for nor ready for that responsibility of being a parent right yet, maybe one day I will have children but probably not..


Ladies I wish the best for you in your decision..

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