This I believe in

by Suellen

May 10, 2019

I haven’t had an abortion, but know women that have. Either by choice or medical necessity. And even rape. Her body, her choice- ultimately. People don’t bat an eye if it is medically necessary. But they all scream & cry if it’s one of the other reasons. Seems like they make the loudest noise if it a medical choice, meaning that the baby will be born with any number of reasons. Unless they want to step up and raise a child with 1 or more deformities, diseases or some other medical reason, SHUT UP. Maybe the mom and/or dad can’t afford to have it. Maybe the babies quality of life will be nil. What if the parent/parents would have to quit working. Now the people would bitch about their tax dollars paying for unemployment and/or welfare. Food stamps. If a women chooses to abort after a sexual assault, that, too, is her choice. No one can say if the baby would inherit those wacked out genes. Abortion is a choice and should not be used as a form of birth control. If your higher being did not create people that learn how to perform, safely, abortions, your higher being would not have created either one of those two things. Of course, this is


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