There was no one to offer me the simple tool of pills to end my trauma.

by Anonymous

May 5, 2022

I’ve never shared my story before. I felt it was too different and that it would never help anyone to read my experience. Finally, in age, I feel someone may be able to take away certain things from my story. 💖 Thank you for having this page. I’ve assured my child that should the need to abort ever arise, it will be taken care of. I’ve told my teen to let friends know that I can and will help if they can’t go to their own parents. I just can’t believe we still have to fight for this shit!!!!! Anyway, here’s my bit.

I wish my planned parenthood appointment would have been one day sooner. I could have owned my own body and owned my choice. I wish I didn’t have to see what I saw. I wish it never happened that way. I wish the abortion had been what terminated my pregnancy. That was my right and my choice.

In 2000 I was set to go before an old male judge to inform me if I had the right to terminate a pregnancy that was a result of an adult taking advantage of me. I automatically had the right to have a child that wouldn’t have had a great life life though. An unwanted fetus on all sides. I would be allowed to do that freely. Pro lifers see no reason to give thought to what lives the fetus will be faced with if women/girls are forced to have them.

The day my hearing and abortion were scheduled would be the day I nearly died from hemorrhaging during an extremely traumatic miscarriage.

The trauma that has extended from that has affected my life in every aspect.

This led to alcohol abuse, bad choices and being standoffish and unwilling to partake in physical contact unless under the influence, heavily. I have not healed. Physical contact is still difficult. I’m hitting menopause. There was no one to offer me the simple tool of pills to end my trauma. No one. Women/girls NEED this information. Tell us how we further spread the word.

The male responsible never had to feel what I felt. Never had to see his body morph into its own blood bath. Never had to feel the physical pain. Never had to relive the moment daily for… forever. Was never faced with any consequences. Not one.

Safe access to abortion care is to be celebrated. I was so thankful to have the option. To control your own body when it acts biologically with no idea of the circumstances is to be celebrated. Having the choice is a celebration that can never be taken away from women.

My story is a bit different. I feel shorted that I wasn’t able to have my abortion. I feel if I’d not been terrified and made me appointment sooner I wouldn’t have lived through my own personal hell.

Remember that our stories are ours to tell. We’d love to hear your story too!