The wait is the worst

by Emilia

August 8, 2019

Today I feel so relieved.

I found out I was pregnant about a little over a week ago. I knew that I was not going to continue the pregnancy immediately. When I found out I was pregnant I did a lot of research about abortion. I heard some good stories and some bad. I knew I wouldn’t be able to have the abortion till I was at least five weeks. The wait to have the abortion was probably the hardest part of the whole thing. During the waiting period I keep going back and forth between the abortion pill and the in clinic abortion. I didn’t know which to choose. I read so many stories about both. Some days I would be ok and others I would just be freaking out about the whole thing.

For a few days I didn’t tell anyone that I was pregnant. It was the hardest thing ever. But my sister knew that there was something wrong with me but she never pushed me. Which I am grateful for. I finally couldn’t hold it in anymore and I told her what I was going through. She was very supportive of whatever decision I made. I am very grateful for her help. When I finally decided which abortion I wanted I called planned parenthood and made my appointment for the in clinic abortion. I knew I was going to have some sort of sedation so my sister said she would take me.

The day before my appointment was the worst. I was so nervous about everything. When the day came my sister and I drove over to planned parenthood early in the morning. I checked in for my appointment. Everyone there was so nice which made it easier. After I checked it it was only a short wait to be called in. I was given a pee test and ultrasound. I found out I was 5 weeks and 3 days pregnant which I already thought. They then pricked my finger to check my blood for something I can’t remember. After that I was taken to a different waiting room. I waited again what felt like only a few minutes. I was called in and talked with someone about my health history and a whole list of questions. I was also given a choice to get birth control which I did. After I finished talking to that person another woman came in and asked some more questions and gave me some pills to take. After that I went back to the waiting room. And again I waited only a little bit before I was called. This time I was taken to the procedure room. I was surprised that I was already going to have the abortion done. I then undressed from the waist down. One of the two nurses put an iv in my arm and started to monitor my vitals. After that the support volunteer came in and told me that she was there to help me. She helped me by holding my hand and helping me breath in and out. Then the doctor came in and explained again what was going to happen. That’s when they gave me the drug to get relaxed which I believe really helped.

I don’t really remember much about the abortion. I just remember a pinch that was a little uncomfortable which I believe was the shot to numb the cervix. I closed my eyes through most of it and just focused in the breathing. I do remember having some cramping but it was nothing what I thought it was going to be. I thought is was going to be awful but it was just mildly painful and it was over very quickly. I was surprised how quick it was. Once it was over the volunteer helped me put my clothes on and walked me over to the recovery room. In there I was seated on a recliner chair with a heating pad on my stomach and a blanket. I was also given cookies and juice while they monitored my vitals. After they told me to go to the restroom to check my pad for bleeding I was given my birth control and guided to my sister’s car. The whole thing only took 2 hours even though I was told to expect a 3 to 5 hour total wait time. After everything was done I felt so happy. I couldn’t stop telling my sister how I felt so happy for it to be over and how it went so smoothly.

Right now it’s only been 7 hours since my abortion and I have had only light bleeding and basically no pain. I am just so happy that it went so easy for me. The waiting was the worst because I had no idea what to expect. All I had to go on was all the different stories I read online. But now I feel like I can breathe again. And whoever is reading this I hope everything goes just as good if not better than mine. And try not to worry too much. Just remember you made this decision and it will be ok.

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