The trauma

by Anonymous

May 31, 2022

Content Warning: coercion

I was 22, was with my then boyfriend for a year. He wasn’t using protection & I wasn’t on the pill. Apparently he thought he was sterile…until I got pregnant. He immediately screamed at me, calling me a money hungry gold digger & that I had no choice but to get an abortion. I told him I wanted to wait out my options, & I actually did want to keep it. He told his whole family I was using him for money & they forced me to make the call to schedule an appointment. I didn’t want to. I continued to smoke weed cause I was so depressed. It happened 2 weeks later, the bf & his family escorted me to make sure it was done. He was VERY happy about it, it ruined me for life. I still get flashbacks & suffer from PTSD. After a year, he kept asking me if I wanted to have kids I told him no. He started to ask me every week, following with saying he wished I kept it, how “happy” him & his family were about the pregnancy, the “connection” he felt with me (which were all lies). I told him no I don’t want kids stop asking me, he would then scream in my face “well when you were pregnant you wanted it!!!!”. We broke up not long after, I couldn’t be more glad that awful person is out of my life. I’m very glad I didn’t have a kid with him, but how he treated me was NOT ok. I don’t want kids anymore, but now I’m engaged to a great man. Please, whatever you decide to do with your body let it be up to YOU.

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