The strength to carry on fearlessly.

by Anonymous

June 11, 2020

In the beginning of the pandemic, I had come out of a draining and violent relationship. One that left me reeling, confused and looking for comfort. The rebound got me pregnant the first time we had sex after I told him initially I didn’t want to sleep with him. I felt ashamed, knowing I had let myself get into a situation with someone I didn’t know very well. I was heartbroken. The baby wasn’t going to be carried to full term. I knew the week of conception that I was pregnant. I connected with the fetus on a spiritual level. It helped me realize what changes needed to be made in my life to honour myself, and to honour a future baby. Every thing that I learned about abortion was false. I felt empowered after, I took my life back. I saw the value in my own life, and I felt unconditional love from my future baby. I can’t have you now, but I will when I am the best version of myself. It wasn’t the abortion, it wasn’t the rebound, it wasn’t anything I was looking for that offered me the guidance I needed at this time. The baby that I aborted brought me so much clarity, that I will always be grateful. My aborted baby gave me the strength to carry forward fearlessly, courageously, and fully aware of my feminine power.

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