I got pregnant with someone I had known for about a week who is actually now my boyfriend. Obviously, every possible outcome and situation flashed in my mind. It was like watching a movie that I wasn’t sure I wanted to be apart of.

I took a leap of faith and told my now boyfriend about the pregnancy. He was supportive, loving, kind, thoughtful and everything I needed him to be. He didn’t leave my side. When we decided to get an abortion, never once did we think we were making the wrong decision. We didn’t want to force love or a relationship. Our story didn’t start with getting to know each other over the cries of a newborn.

I don’t regret my abortion. In my experience, the pain stems from the stigma attached to an abortion. It stems from this forbidden grief. If you make the decision to have an abortion, you’re either a sinner or need to be jumping up and down with joy, right? Wrong. Feeling of gratefulness, empowerment, and deep pain have been apart of my journey. I have days filled with sorrow because of the shame and disgust that has been thrown at me for having an abortion. I live in a red state, so I see signs, billboards, etc, of judgement all the time.

I’m so fortunate that I had so much support and knowledge/income to make this decision for myself and my future. I know that is not the case for so many people.