The smartest choice

by Sarah

June 7, 2019

I got pregnant at 20 from a man facing federal charges and years in prison. After choosing abortion he was mad and he didn’t agree with my choice and tried to keep me from going to the clinic. I ended up having a later abortion which involved the use of a LAMB which is a device inserted into your uterus to absorb all embryonic fluids. It was incredibly painful, and having to drive myself to the clinic between severe cramps was traumatic and difficult but necessary to have the LAMB inserted one day and the actual abortion the next. I was so sick after from the antibiotics I vomited for almost 3 days straight while also dealing with abortion symptoms. As much as those were some of my most painful days I have never once regretted my decision. Its been over a decade and I look at my life now and have never been more proud of my choice.

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