The Right Decision, from VERY Early On.

by Anonymous

January 27, 2021

I found out I was pregnant before I even missed my period……like, an entire week before. I immediately called the clinic and scheduled a surgical abortion for the next day. Thankfully, I live in a state where you don’t have a mandatory waiting time in between counseling and the procedure, so I got everything done in the same day.

When I got to the clinic, it was extremely simple. Paperwork, payment & a little bit of waiting. The entire process from start to finish took just under 2 hours – it wasn’t bad at all.

I went and got an ultrasound and (surprise!) they couldn’t find anything on it. They said they weren’t even going to try to do the transvaginal ultrasound, because they didn’t think they would see anything on there either. They gave me the option to wait 2 weeks (personally, no way) and come back to get it done then, or just get it done that day and get repeat blood work in a few days to make sure the HCG levels were going down, not up. I opted for the procedure that day.

The procedure itself was extremely simple. I had no sedation, and nothing was actually painful, just uncomfortable. The 15-30 seconds that the aspiration tool was used felt like a tugging on my stomach, which felt like terrible period cramps. Those went away about 10 minutes later.

It is currently later in the night, and I already feel way better. No more nausea or splitting headache from pregnancy side effects – just some period like cramps and a tiny bit of blood. Definitely a great decision for me.

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