The right choice

by Anonymous

June 7, 2019

Twenty years ago I was 21 years old. I became pregnant the first night I got legally drunk. I had never gotten drunk before. I went to the doctor because I had felt terrible for weeks and kept getting UTIs. That’s when I found out I was 5 weeks pregnant. It was never a question of keeping it. I could barely take care of myself and I wouldn’t have been a good mother, at that point. My boyfriend at the time, who was the father, broke up with my because “it was too hard”. I ended up telling my parents in the most shameful moment of my life. But instead of being disappointed in me, they understood and were only sad that I had to go through it at all. Because no matter what, it is not an easy decision. No matter what these politicians want you to believe about women flippantly walking into clinics and getting an abortion, it’s not easy. And especially not easy walking through people protesting outside, yelling that you’re a murderer.  People judging you and making you feel like a terrible person. It’s not easy and it never will be. But it IS a normal procedure! Taking it away from people will only endanger ourself and our sisters.

I had my abortion twenty years ago, I’m not ashamed. And I am now married and have a perfect three year old daughter. I made the choice to have a child when I was ready. Me. My choice!!

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