The only option was abortion

by Anonymous

April 11, 2019

I had an abortion when I was 21. It was the right choice and my life would look drastically different had I not had the option. I’ve been ashamed of it for years with it being one of my most closely held secrets. I’ve decided to come out about my abortion with a post here and one on facebook because when people spread ignorance, it’s personal – they’re talking about me and women I care dearly about.

The bulk of the appointment was education and making sure the decision was my own. They made me look at an ultrasound and they pointed out the fetus. They offered a print out, a little memento of the worst day of my life.

I had to travel for the abortion because I was on blood thinners and very sick at the time. A U of M doctor had to oversee everything and make sure there were no problems.

I was also in an abusive relationship and getting trapped would have been the functional end of my life, let alone putting an innocent and defenseless child in a bad situation.

The actual procedure lasted maybe 10 minutes, and I was only allowed an Ibuprofen because I drove myself. It was intensely uncomfortable, physically and emotionally. Maybe it’s not everyone’s experience; I know I don’t have a low pain tolerance, but it was the most painful sensation I’ve ever felt.

Nothing will ever come close to the feeling of walking out to the car and driving myself home, alone, after something like that.

Sometimes, terminating a pregnancy is the best option. It’s critically important that it remains a safe and accessible procedure.

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