The Lonely Aftermath and How SYA Helped Me

by Anonymous

October 14, 2019

Two months ago, I had my abortion. Just a little later, I posted a story on this website.

I just wanted to post again to explain how helpful having this website was for me. The only other person who knows about my abortion is my partner, so having a chance to share it anonymously and receive so much support in the comments meant the world to me. I wish I could have told my friends and family about it, but I probably never will. I’ve been lonely because I can’t share my amazing abortion story to those closest to me, but reading the comments from my post make it a lot easier.

Thank you SYA for giving me a voice. And to everyone who comments support on posts, thank you and keep commenting (please!).

Remember that our stories are ours to tell. We’d love to hear your story too!