The Experience

by Alyssa

September 27, 2021

No one talks about how protesters sit outside with megaphones damning me to hell. It was apocalyptic almost, I couldn’t stop shaking. We could hear them inside and the others in the waiting room all looked incredibly uncomfortable, some even crying.

This is already an exhausting situation to be in, why are people so cruel to make this more stressful than it needed to be.

No one talks about the pain when I took my four miso pills. I was alone. Throwing up and wheezing from trying to catch my breath. I was finally able to take the pain medication provided and I got through just fine after that.

I wanted to talk to all my friends. I wanted to tell people how the father left me and said he didn’t want responsibility for me. I wanted to tell them how much pain I was going through emotionally and physically. But again no one wants to talk about abortion. It’s still a taboo when I wish it wasn’t. And ultimately I was alone because we aren’t there yet as a society to show love instead of judgement.

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