The choice of drug addiction

by Elaina

March 30, 2021

I had a young child already and I had spiraled into a drug addiction. I ended up in a relationship with the man that was getting the drugs for me & we would get high together. One week I was, what I thought, obscenely dope sick. Turns out I was a mix of pregnant & dope sick. Initially I was going to keep the baby because that’s what everyone said to do. But I realized that I could not personally, go thru this pregnancy, without getting high. I was that bad off. I decided I would rather abort than have a baby that was born addicted to drugs and could have many health issues throughout its life. I knew that was the best decision for me & for my family. So I went thru with it. It’s been 13 years and I still don’t think the father knows what really happened. I had told him I miscarried that day. I ended up getting clean a year later and immediately getting pregnant, again. I kept that pregnancy. I have NEVER regretted the abortion. It will always be a part of me & my story.

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