The best choice for me

by Anonymous

August 16, 2021

My abortion was honestly easy. I believe that a soul doesn’t enter the fetus until it is earth side. In my mind at 6 weeks it was just a pile of cells. I am grateful that I was strong and that I didn’t romanticize what could have been of these growing cells inside me. At 25, I wasn’t ready. And the guy I was dating that this happened with who I had sex with a total of 3 times, wasn’t even texting me back. He ghosted me then I missed my period. I think the fact that I wasn’t in a relationship made it easier. The hardest part was because of where I live, a rural small town I had to travel to the city and stay overnight and get the surgical abortion. The nurses and staff were all fantastic, I felt very comfortable and safe there. I tried to beg my general doctor to prescribe me the abortion pill in my small town but she refused citing the risk of excessive bleeding. I was upset because that is pretty rare and I think it’s unfortunate that in my province in Canada there is only 2 cities that have abortion clinics. For many this is a real problem and limits accessibility. I had to ask a friend to come with me and drive me because I needed an escort from the medication they gave me. I’m grateful for that sedative and anti anxiety medication though. I barely felt anything during the surgery and wasn’t anxious at all. I’m happy with my decision and grateful I was able to get a safe surgical abortion. It may not be the choice for everyone but it was the best choice for me.

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