Thankful for PP

by J

April 13, 2022

I unexpectedly became pregnant after switching birth control methods. My husband and I always talked in passing about what we would do if I became pregnant and the conversion always ended differently depending on where we were in life. He had his opinions but ultimately knew it was my decision.

We have a five year old together and in the time since their birth we have discovered how uninvolved our respective families have chosen to be and we do not have a strong friendship base with anyone. All of that combined with him traveling for work very often leaving me to be the primary parent for weeks to months at a time – the decision was for my mental health and well-being.

We would love to have more children and can absolutely see ourselves with more, but the saying is true that it takes a village to help raise little ones and unfortunately that is something we do not have.

I am also thankful and understand the privilege it is to live in a state that believes abortion is healthcare.

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