I always thought I would be excited and ready to be pregnant when it happened..to my surprise this was not my reaction.

My boyfriend and I had just moved across the country, living together for the first time. Of course we move to a state where abortion is illegal, the irony. Long story short, to our surprise, I got pregnant within a month of moving there. I couldn’t help but have feelings of guilt, regret, and selfishness for not wanting to go through with it. It was a long couple of weeks of emotions before ultimately I made the decision to have an abortion at 7 weeks pregnant. I am thankful for plancpills.org because being in a place with no access to abortion made the process extremely lonely. Luckily, I have a boyfriend who is supportive of me and ultimately it was a decision we both came to terms with.

When doing research and looking up people’s experience online all I could find were horror stories about how excruciating the cramping was, which did not help my nerves at all. I am grateful to have had a positive experience and share that for me it was not that bad. I hope that my story touches someone’s as many of these stories here have helped me find comfort in a decision that can be so difficult to make.