Surgical Abortion With Local Anesthesia

by Anonymous

July 5, 2019

Scheduling Appointment:

Fiancé-25, Female-23

After a recent miscarriage, we found out we were pregnant. My fiancé and I knew that we were not ready for a child. We wanted to enjoy getting married & financially this was not the best time for a child. We decided to keep this situation between us since we were in the process of wedding. We contacted the local abortion clinic near us. CHOICES scheduled our initial appointment about 2 weeks out.

Waiting Period:

The wait up until this appointment was the ABSOLUTE WORST! I had a nasty taste in my mouth, sore breasts, back pains, nausea & extreme vomiting. On average, I vomited 2-3 times every other day. This was one of the hardest two weeks of my life. My fiancé was extremely supportive and assisted me as much as he could throughout these 2 weeks.

Initial Appointment:

FINALLY, we arrived to CHOICES & went through security check. I really loved how discrete and safe the entrance process was. We did not encounter any protesters which was one of the things that I previously read about. After the security officer checked for my name and appointment time, we were then buzzed into the facility. We got signed in and paid our initial $200 for lab work…etc. I was called back to have my weight, height, blood pressure and temp taken. Afterwards, they placed me in a different waiting room with other women who were having an abortion procedure done. Next, I had blood drawn just to test my blood type. After that I was called in for an ultrasound. The technician did not ask if I wanted to see the screen but, she did ask if I would like a sonogram photo. (I did get a photo, just for my personal reasons.) The next step was to speak with a counselor/financial assistant. She was amazing as so were all the other women I encountered throughout the facility. She was there to verify that the abortion was my decision and that I was not being forced to get the procedure. We talked about both the medical and surgical abortion, the risks, benefits, pain levels…etc. We chose to go with the surgical just to assure that after the procedure we would KNOW that the pregnancy had been terminated. Lastly, she spoke to me about financial assistance. We were approved for a $175 discount. So on the procedure day the only had to pay $325. She then scheduled my final appointment for July 3. The final person I had to speak with was the doctor. The doctor read a sheet that had state required information and I signed the consent form.

Procedure Day:

We arrived to the clinic and went through the same security check and sign-in procedures. Again, they confirmed that this decision was my choice. We paid the $325 and waited to be called back. After about 20 minutes, I was called back for blood pressure and temp check. I was then escorted into the second waiting room where there was about 12 other woman waiting. Another 15 minutes passed and I was escorted to a RN’s office. She just went over the procedure, provided aftercare information and she gave me two different medications to take. Ibuprofen 800mg for cramps/pain & 2 doxycycline capsules as an antibiotic to ward off infection. I then had ANOTHER waiting period of about 30 minutes. I was the second to last person that was called back to the operation room.


I was guided to the room where the procedure would take place. I was instructed to undress from the waist down. (Tip: Bring a new pair of undies so your doula and yourself will be comfortable with her assisting you with getting redressed.) After undressing, I covered myself with the sheet provided and sat on the operating table. First, the doula (a comforting person there to assist you through the process) introduced herself. She was there and allowed me to hold her hand through the entire process. Next, a Doctor came in and introduced himself and he was in the room for support as well. Finally, the operating Doctor entered and asked if I had any questions. I laid back with my feet in stirrups. He first did an exam with his fingers to locate the positioning of the uterus. He inserted the “duck bill” (same instrument used for pap smear) and the proceeded to disinfect with spray and a wipe. The lidocaine injections came next. They were very similar to the dental shots you get for a dental procedure. They were more uncomfortable than painful. Maybe A 2-4/10. Next he dilated the cervix, which was much more uncomfortable. Definitely a 5/10. Finally, he begin manual suction of the placenta and fetus. This was the MOST UNCOMFORTABLE PAIN. More like a 8.5/10. However, the full procedure seemed to have lasted only 3-4 minutes. He took all instruments out and allowed the doula to get me dressed once the room was cleared.



I was guided to the recovery area where they had comfy recliner chairs that heated up. I had mild cramps that fluctuated between 2&4/10. My vitals were checked twice with 10-15 minutes in between. I relaxed and tried to calm down so I would be able to leave recovery. I lastly had to check my pad to verify my bleeding Light-Extreme Bleeding. My bleeding was extremely light. I was then discharged from recovery and given back to my fiancé. Once we made it to the car, I began to cry. Not because I was hurting or unhappy with our choice, just because the whole process was emotional for me as I would have never thought I would be getting an abortion.

The local anesthesia was bearable. I believe that the type of uncomfortableness and slight pain will always be a reminder to take birth control seriously unless you want to have a child. After this pregnancy and procedure , I believe at this point in our lives we do not want children anytime soon.

I thank God for my fiancé as he has been amazing through this entire process.


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