Supreme Court- You have NO right to make bodily decisions for me!

by YouAreNotAlone

May 31, 2022

Choosing to terminate my pregnancy was the easiest decision. I had no other choice. Termination allowed me to get out of an abusive relationship, finish graduate school, and move forward.

2. I will NEVER forget the judgmental look on the male Ob/Gyn physician’s face as I cried in his office, alone, scared, during my appointment. To him, I hope you treat your other patients with more respect! That day, you treated me as though I was worth less than the dirt on the bottom of your shoe. As a physician, you FAILED me that day. You need to do better. Frankly, I still work with you, and I can’t look you in the eyes because I remember how poorly you treated me.

3. After finishing graduate school, I now counsel people on their pregnancy options. I hope I bring them open, factual, and non-judgmental information. I have walked a mile in their shoes, and I hope I am the clinician that gives them support on their healthcare journey.

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