Women need to talk about their experiences more and support each other.

by Karen

November 27, 2017

Growing up in Ireland as you can imagine the religious guilt that comes with any form of sexual discussion or interaction. Therefore in itself lies the problem for young females. You are discouraged and made to feel shameful if you are to dare to use any form of contraception and for this reason it is that so many young girls like myself find themselves pregnant.

At 18 and around 2001 and dating a guy that let’s just say most parents can only hope there daughter won’t go on to marry I stupidly and naively got pregnant. Unlike other girls in Ireland who would have just gone ahead with the pregnancy I knew that was not how I wished my life to be. We’ve often heard the story of there could be worse things than children but for me my life was only beginning and this was not what I wanted. I did not want to be pregnant. In fact the thought of it devastated me!! After speaking with my parents who to my absolute shock were fully supportive of a termination. I was filled with absolute joy and relief at their support. And everyone knows how the story goes in Ireland- I had to very quietly and discreetly make my way to the uk at roughly between 8-10 weeks.

I am now 35 years old married for 12 years with two lovely children. The perfect life as most would say. I do not ever feel regret in my decision. In fact society issues that currently affect abortion legislation in Ireland consistently make me feel like I should regret it. Women need to talk about their experiences more and support each other. I don’t believe we should be ashamed to not feel regret yet I find myself putting pressure on myself to regret my decision because society dictates that how I should feel having been raised as a catholic.

Remember that our stories are ours to tell. We’d love to hear your story too!