by Anonymous

August 19, 2021

Reading these stories have helped me heal from my own abortion story. At 17 I had a surgical abortion. That was 16 years ago. At the time, resources like Plan B weren’t easily available and a broken condom turned into the most traumatic experience of my life. My boyfriend at the time was extremely supportive and him and a close friend helped me find a clinic. I’ve never told my parents and we skipped school for me to arrive at my appointment. The doctor and nurses were extremely kind, but with little resources and adult support, I had endured being pregnant for much longer than I needed.

The loneliness, trauma, and feelings of shame placed by others is something I never wish on any person seeking an abortion. We deserve so much more. I am currently working towards healing so I can do my part to make sure no one ever has to share my experience. If you’re out there and you feel alone, I am here and I support you.

Thank you.

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