Stillbirth, rainbow baby, married, and I had an abortion

by Taylor

January 10, 2020

I was 21 when my son was stillborn. I had my daughter a year later. I was in the thick of ppd, undiagnosed, the worst I’ve felt in a long time. I was on the pill AND he pulled out. She was 5 months old when that stick had two pink lines. I was mortified, devastated, scared out of my mind. I knew if I went through with this that I would have suicidal thoughts. I went to my 8week appt and decided this wasn’t going to work. I didn’t tell my doctor nor did they even care to ask. I called the women’s clinic and got in a month later. I had an abortion and I was married, lost my baby at term, and had a “rainbow” baby. My husband and I never ever regretted the decision. I can almost guarantee that I wouldn’t be here if I was forced to have the baby. It saved me.

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