Son of a Preacher-Man

by Michelle

August 17, 2022

Post-divorce coitus, caught in his barbs.

Stop. Put on a condom. 

I’ll pull out.

I didn’t consent.

Drilling deeper, last spearing thrust, he came.

Happened too fast, he lied.

Pregnant. Radio silence. Ignorant of my options, Plan B, RU-486.

He returned triumphant, believing time ran out.

You have to consult a pro-life counselor first, by law. Maybe my mother.


Borrowed money, bussed to big city, rapist in tow, unlikely babysitter.

He called them “baby-killers.”

First unsteady step toward freedom.

Later, restraining order, sole custody.

Forced birth = court-sanctioned rape.

Preacher-man’s son, now blameless.

Praying daughter’s IUD never fails.


God Bless America.

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