Single mom of 3. 2 abortions…another possible 1

by Mianna

October 5, 2020

Just found out that i am early in my 6th pregnancy. I have had 3 children, 2 medical abortions and thinking about terminating this one.

The first abortion was because the father of that child was very mentally ill. He could not help me take care of a child and I am already a single mother of 3. I took the abortion pill to miscarry and did not regret a thing. The pain was hard for me but the relief made it worth choosing this route.

The second abortion was because I simply didn’t want to be pregnant. My boyfriend was living 800+ miles away and I didn’t want to bring a child into the world with a father that far away….i did not hurt as bad with that one physically but emotionally…. it did pull at my heart because that baby was intentional.

Now…. i’m back in the same boat….I am 3 weeks pregnant with my boyfriend and I am thinking about terminating this pregnancy as well. I am just not feeling secure in any way shape or form with him…he wants this child but I am feeling like…. guilty for being pregnant again… really ashamed and a burden……My body is already changing… i can feel the pregnancy progression but I just want it to stop.

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