Shameless in Seattle

by Kate

July 5, 2019

I am in the midst of a medication abortion. I feel no guilt or shame about my decision to end my pregnancy at my earliest opportunity–as early as is medically permitted at Planned Parenthood. As soon as I saw the positive pregnancy test result, I knew that this is what I needed to do. I am incredibly fortunate to have the full support of everyone in my life: friends, coworkers, family, and my partner. That’s how it should be for everyone, every time.

I like children very much and I would love to be a mother someday, but today is not that day. There are career goals, relationship milestones, and travel destinations I would like to reach first. Being pregnant and having a child is not part of my five-year plan, and that’s all there is to it.

At first I worried that I would feel guilty as I moved through this process; fortunately, I don’t feel any guilt at all. I credit my lack of shame to the openness of people in my life who have had abortions and shared their stories with me. I hope my story can help others feel comfortable with their decision.

As tiring and physically painful as this experience is, I cannot imagine how much worse it would be if I had to keep it a secret from the people I love. I am grateful to live in Seattle, where safe and dignified abortions are easy to access. I am grateful to be part of a community in which my autonomy is not in question and my right and ability to make this decision is supported and respected. I am grateful to the colleagues who made it easy for me to take time off from work to undergo the abortion, to the friend who accompanied me to the clinic, and to another friend who came over to spend time with me this afternoon.

I was surrounded by love, and my path was safe and uncomplicated. It should be this easy for everyone, regardless of financial means or geographic location. Abortion is a human right. I believe this more strongly today than ever before.


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