by Anonymous

May 29, 2020

I was 20, I had just lost my virginity that same year and gotten pregnant only months later by the same guy. I always felt like if i ever got pregnant I would just keep the baby because i never pictured myself ever having an abortion. I also wasn’t on any form of birth control. Me and my boyfriend at the time had been talking for years but just started to take each other serious. I always felt like I wanted a child with him but I never expected it to be so soon. After a 2 months of us rekindling, I ended up finding out I was nearly a month pregnant, I didn’t know what to do. When I took the test the result came back instantly. At first, I was going to keep the baby so we went about it normal and told everyone but as time went on I knew I couldn’t support one. I just wasn’t ready. He didn’t agree with it and we ended the relationship. I had the abortion at 10weeks and i don’t regret my decision. but I’m sorry we moved so fast because i loved him. Obviously it wasn’t mutual. To anyone who is feeling like I felt, it’s okay. It’s your life and your body. I know I made my decision out of love. I’ll never forget my baby ❤️ Next time, I’ll be ready.

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