Scary / Unsure – Read My Story

by Anonymous

November 21, 2019

I’m 41 & after being on the POP for over 10 years my husband & I decided I should stop taking it & we would just be careful, so we were, for the first 5 months!

I was a week late so I immediately bought a pregnancy test & it came up positive. So I confided in my husband & we both agreed that a termination was best as we have 2 grown up sons already. I’ve always been against abortions but until it happens to you, I can no longer keep this thought.

I looked up BPAS & after speaking to a lovely lady at 9pm on a Saturday night, I had an appointment booked for the Monday afternoon.

I went along & had an internal scan (this was painless, just like a vibrator slightly inserted into the vagina- without the vibration). No pregnancy could be detected so told to go back in 2 days which I did & again, the internal scan again could not see a pregnancy sack.

However I was booked in for the termination a few days later & that was the terrifying bit, I thought I’d be gassed out so not to feel anything but because of my high bmi I was told they could not do that & I’d have to have a local anaesthetic, I asked how painful it would be & was told the Dr would inject my vagina, internally so this would help & I’d probably just feel like a period pain.

When I got called in I had to change into a gown & then was taken into a room & told to sit with my bottom almost hanging off the edge of the bed & I put my legs up in stirrups.

There were 2 nurses, 1 standing either side of me occasionally asking me questions about my working life etc, this was to distract me. I felt a slight injection internally which was just like a pin prick & thought, that was ok. However, I started to feel the period pain type cramps which came on very strong during the procedures so I wriggled my toes (as advised) & took deep breaths. It was over within 5 minutes & I was so relieved, I didn’t care I still had period pain cramps as I knew the procedure was over.  I went back to the recovery area and I was given 2 ibuprofen, a coffee & 2 biscuits.  After 30 minutes I got dressed & sat back out in the reception area like nothing happened.  I didn’t bleed much at all & was so happy to get home after as my life had been on hold for those few weeks.

I was 5 weeks 3 days pregnant when I had the termination & am glad I got this done so early before I had too many symptoms. The main symptom I had was very tender breasts for a month.

I was so anxious throughout this whole process but the midwife was a diamond and so very very calming & friendly, which helped so much. They said my GP does not need to know I’ve had this done & it was my choice if I want them to be informed, which I decided not to.

It’s a day after my termination that I write this & so far I’ve has no bleeding, only a little in the first hour after it was done. A few cramps during the afternoon but they’ve subsided & feel fine now.

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