Those who choose are strong and deserve respect.

by Z

January 19, 2018

I was raised in a very conservative Christian household, with a mother who constantly drilled into me that abortion was wrong. When I was 20 I’d gotten pregnant by accident, and was completely floored by the pregnancy test. But I didn’t hesitate to call planned parenthood. I didn’t hesitate to ask questions. I knew what to do because I knew I couldn’t carry to term. Not only am I gay, but the person who I’d made that mistake with was verbally abusive and no I was not prepared to reproduce with someone who didn’t give a damn, I was living with my father, and in school. That’s the day I knew that abortion was for everyone no matter what the situation. I’d wound up miscarrying before my appointment, so didn’t get the abortion. However, I work at an abortion clinic in Atlanta now and this is such an important issue for all of us. Reading these stories, seeing the emotions that go into each of these decisions…. this is not up for debate. Abortion is freedom and those who choose are strong and deserve respect.

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